lamborghini huracan centerlock wheels

Centerlock wheels for Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Huracán: Brixton Forged and BC Forged Wheels for Centerlock Systems.


For Lamborghini Huracán owners, choosing the right wheels is crucial for both the car's performance and its visual appeal. This post dives into two leading brands in the high-performance wheel industry, Brixton Forged and BC Forged, focusing on their offerings for Lamborghini Huracán models equipped with centerlock systems.

Brixton Forged Wheels for Lamborghini Huracán:

  • Custom Craftsmanship: Handcrafted wheels that enhance performance and add distinct aesthetics.
  • Performance and Style: Lightweight, durable wheels that improve handling and responsiveness.
  • Variety of Designs: Options to personalize the supercar’s appearance.
  • Shown in this post are the Brixton forged CM6-R Ultrasport+ with centerlock. Since their wheels are custom made, we can order all designs with centerlock for the Huracan STO.

BC Forged Wheels for Lamborghini Huracán:

  • Advanced Engineering: Wheels designed for strength and durability without compromising on weight.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Diverse designs that complement the Huracán's aggressive lines.
  • Centerlock Specialization: Secure wheel fitment for high-performance vehicles.
  • BC Forged recently released their centerlock wheel program, the ACL line. It consist of 5 design which are only available in centerlock, besides that all of their other designs are also available with centerlock.

Making the Right Choice:

Consider brand, design preference, performance needs, and budget when choosing between Brixton Forged and BC Forged wheels for your Huracán with centerlock wheel.

Blue Lamborghini Huracan STO Wheel Style / Config. Brixton Forged CM6-R Ultrasport+ Wheel Finish Firecracker Black (Gloss)

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