Capristo Exhaust valve-controlled | Porsche 997 Turbo MKII


Capristo Exhaust valve-controlled | Porsche 997 Turbo MKII

Make: Porsche
Model: 997
Submodel: Turbo MKII & Turbo S
Material: 309 grade stainless steel
Valve controlled: Yes
Performance gain: 15HP & 60NM
Tip style: Oval black

Porsche 997 Turbo & Turbo S Capristo exhaust valved controlled

This complete valve controlled exhaust racing system (Full System) is for Porsche Porsche 997 Turbo / GT2 & GT2 RS

The system, made from stainless-steel, has a valve-controlled unit and is back pressure optimized. The catalytic converters are streamline optimized and comes with two 200 cell metal sport catalysts (OBD suitable). The two ceramic-coated end pipes, milled from solid material, makes for a professional finished look to the system.

It features a programmable control unit also referred to as Capristo Exhaust Control Box. The box is programmable via a remote control to fit the vehicle’s or the customer’s needs. It monitors the back pressure of the exhaust gases and makes sure the best possible performance is delivered. This complete system is TÜV Certified.

An additional 60Nm – 90Nm and approximately 50hp increase was measured in the lower range of rpm. In the upper range of rpm’s it was an increase of approximately 15hp.

The exhaust valves are back pressure-controlled and user programmable. A built in limit prevents reaching dangerous pressure levels. There is a control unit for monitoring the back pressure. This control unit provides the ability to individually program the back pressure one would like to have the valves open or close. The portion of back pressure resulting in a loss of performance is filtered out. This way, one can reach the maximum performance. Therefore, this sports exhaust combines all advantages in both the lower and higher range of revolutions (rpm), since the back pressure can be exactly controlled to enable the engine to gain the maximum performance. The programmable control unit features an illuminated display showing all functions in plain text in 3 different languages (German, English and Italian) and provides 3 basic modes to be operated via a remote control, namely:

  1. Cruise mode - the exhaust gas valves open later
  2. Sports mode - the exhaust gas valves open earlier
  3. Open mode - the exhaust gas valves remain open

In both the cruise mode and sport mode, one can individually program when the exhaust gas valves shall open. One big advantage is that the control unit recognizes the driver’s operation characteristics. If the driver accelerates aggressively, this is identified by our device by the kind of back pressure that is generated, and the exhaust gas valves open immediately. Usual acceleration results in a later opening of the exhaust gas valves.

About Capristo
CAPRISTO® began two decades ago as a manufacturer of exhaust systems for Ferrari cars and have evolved into the premier manufacturer of today's high performance vehicles for the street and racing.

CAPRISTO® is committed to providing world-class exhaust products which surpass the expectations of its customers, and its German facility is a complete with a state-of-the art test and development center where CAPRISTO is continually improving its manufacturing efficiency and standards.

CAPRISTO has pioneered a variety of improvements in the design of performance exhaust systems. Antonio Capristo, founder and CEO of CAPRISTO® Exhausts, currently holds several International patents for innovative exhaust system technologies. Every CAPRISTO® system is made from 309 grade stainless steel (close to Inconel - used in F1 Racing) designed for very high temperature applications (>600*C), employing mandrel-bent tubing, all hand-welded construction, and each and every system is designed with the utmost care and professionalism.

The performance and sound advantages of a CAPRISTO are widely recognized by Sports and Exotic car owners. CAPRISTO® is at the forefront of the movement toward responsible racing with our full line of patented, award and race-winning racing mufflers that not only maintain enhance the sound of sports cars, but also add power and torque.

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