Eventuri BMW F90 M5 M8 Turbo Inlets
Eventuri BMW F90 M5 M8 Turbo Inlets installed
Eventuri BMW F90 M5 M8 Turbo Inlets comparison stock


Eventuri BMW F90 M5/M8 Turbo Inlets

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Upgrade your BMW F90 M5 intake system with the Eventuri Turbo Inlets. Engineered to optimize the flow path from start to finish, these carbon inlets boast a larger volume compared to stock inlets, ensuring maximum efficiency all the way to the turbos. Unlike stock inlets that narrow down immediately after the connection to the intake, the Eventuri turbo inlets maintain a larger diameter, eliminating restrictions and providing a significant performance boost, particularly at higher boost levels. Additionally, Eventuri has meticulously designed the curvature to be incredibly smooth, allowing the turbos to reach peak boost more rapidly.

Enhanced Acceleration: Experience a 0.12-second Reduction in 60-130mph Time

In addition to optimizing flow and turbo efficiency, The Eventuri BMW F90 M5 Turbo Inlets deliver enhanced acceleration. Experience the thrill of reduced acceleration time, as the turbo inlets enable a remarkable 0.12-second reduction in the 60-130mph time. With the high-quality turbo inlets, your BMW F90 M5 will unlock its true potential, providing an exhilarating driving experience like never before.

The will fit to all F9x M5 and M8 models.


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