Eventuri Carbon Intake Audi RS3 8Y
Eventuri Carbon Intake Audi RS3 8Y exploded view
Eventuri Carbon Intake Audi RS3 8Y installed
Eventuri Carbon Intake Audi RS3 8Y engine bay


Eventuri Carbon Intake Audi RS3 8Y

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Eventuri Carbon Intake Audi RS3 8Y. The intake system provides a significant performance gain of 15-20hp and 13-18ft-lb of torque with the stock turbo.

The intake system's flow bench data shows that the stock intake has a CFM of 530, while the Eventuri Intake has an impressive 840 CFM. The components have been developed to provide the turbo with a smooth and free-flowing path, resulting in the highest possible flow rate while maintaining low intake temperatures.

With an internal diameter of 103mm or over 4", the intake tube of the Eventuri Carbon Intake Audi RS3 8Y has a smooth curvature from the filter housing all the way to the turbo inlet. The filter, specifically designed for this intake, has an outer diameter of 210mm or 8.3" and a filtration surface area of over 130,000mm². The patented eventuri housing provides maximum internal volume for the RS3 8Y engine bay space available and provides laminar flow to the turbo tube. The duct seals the filter opening to the front slam panel and now provides an extra opening behind the hood equivalent to an extra 7" diameter hole for the intake to draw from.

Upgrade your Audi RS3 8Y with the Eventuri Intake System, a must-have for any car enthusiast looking to improve their vehicle's power and overall driving experience.

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