BMW G09 X5 with Eventuri intake

Out now, Eventuri Intake for BMW F95 X5M, F96 X6M, and G09 XM

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The Eventuri Intake for BMW F95 X5M, F96 X6M, and G09 XM is an exceptional upgrade that will surely catch the attention of BMW enthusiasts. Crafted entirely from carbon fiber, this intake system not only adds a touch of sportiness to the engine bay but also significantly enhances the performance of the vehicle.

With a performance gain of 18-25hp and 15-18ft-lb, and a potential peak gain of up to 30hp, this high-performance intake ensures a thrilling driving experience. Additionally, the inclusion of a striking carbon engine cover adds a sleek and aggressive look to the BMW F95 X5M, F96 X6M, and G09. The way that eventuri managed to get such impressive gains is by their filter housings in combination with specially designed air-filters, aluminium inlet cowls and stainless steel brackets. The carbon pod shrouds with the reverse mounted filters smoothly shapes the airflow down to the OEM turbo inlets. This changes the flow path from the OEM airbox where airflow enters the base of the airbox, changes direction by 90 degrees to travel through the panel filter and then changes direction again by 90 degrees to move through the tube section. The Eventuri system is a lot more direct with airflow entering the front of the filter housing and then moving into the turbo inlet section without any abrupt direction changes. The result is a smoother path from the filter to the turbo and therefore it is able to function with less drag.

The innovative design of the Eventuri Intake maximizes airflow to the engine, resulting in improved throttle response and increased power output. By directing only cold air into the engine, combustion efficiency is optimized, and heat soak is reduced. The biggest restriction in the stock system is the location of the air inlets in comparison to the orientation of the turbo inlets. The air feeds are at the front of the car and the turbo inlets face the rear of the car. Eventuri designed the air ducts with an additional opening at the top and introduced a secondary air feed where cold air is taken from the scuttle panel. By using both the the OEM air feeds and the additional air feeds, it is able to flow with a higher rate as well as provide a less tortuous flow path to the turbos.

Available to purchase in our online shop, you can find the Eventuri Intake for BMW F95 X5M, F96 X6M, and G09 XM here

Made with 100% pre-preg carbon fiber, this intake achieves a smooth internal surface, ensuring an uninterrupted airflow. If you're a BMW enthusiast seeking both aesthetics and performance improvements for your BMW F95 X5M, F96 X6M, or G09 XM, the Eventuri Intake is a must-have upgrade.

Eventuri Intake BMW F95 X5M F96 X6M G09 XM


exploded view of the Eventuri Intake for the BMW F95 X5M F96 X6M G09 XM
Eventuri Intake installed on a BMW G09 XM, engine bay with carbon engine cover


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