Ferrari 458 Spider with 21/22 inch wheels

Ferrari 458 Spider with 21/22 inch wheels

Ferrari 458 Spider with an IPE Exhaust, ADV.1 Wheels and Novitec Lowering, all installed on this red 458.

Lets start with the exhaust system from IPE. The full F1 IPE system is installed on this Ferrari 458 with catted linkpipes, in order to avoid the gasoline smell but enjoy the true sound of the atmospheric V8 engine. Soundwise you cannot go wrong with IPE. Especially on the Ferrari models it gives the superior high pitch when the valves are open and the more quiet sound with the valves closed. We finished the exhaust with the dual-out black chrome tailpipes.

For the wheels the customer went all in with a set of custom forged ADV.1 wheels. The maximum size is selected with a 9.0x21 in front and 12.5x22 in the rear. We recommend to have a close look at the rear tires with the massive 335/25-22 wide rear tires from Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.

The finishing touch when placing bigger wheels is always a nice drop, by lowering the car as also shown on this BMW G05 X5. For the 458 we installed a set of Novitec lowering springs. One of the great features of the Novitec sport springs is that they have a variable rate, in effect they deliver two spring rates in one spring. A softer spring rate which is conferred during normal day-to-day driving and far stiffer one, when the car is heavily loaded. This clever setup means the car is comfortable, but when fully loaded, the springs are stiff enough to keep the underbelly and nose of the car from contacting the ground.

Feel free to contact us when you are in need for products for your Ferrari or any other make/model, we are happy to advice and help you select the best parts for your needs.

Ferrari 458 ADV1 Wheels in 21 and 22 inch with 335/25-22 tires

Ferrari 458 ADV1 lowered with novitec lowering spings

Detailed photo of the 22 inch ADV1 wheel for the Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 detailed shot of IPE black chrome tailpipes.

Ferrari 458 Spider in red

Ferrari 458 Spider side shot


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