ipe exhaust ferrari 458 italia full system
ipe muffler valves ferrari 458 italia
ipe catted linkpipes ferrari 458 italia
ipe catless linkpipes ferrari 458
ipe headers heat blanket ferrari 458 italia
ipe headers ferrari 458 italia
ipe chrome tailpipes ferrari 458
ipe black tailpipes ferrari 458
ipe titanium blue tailpipes ferrari 458
ipe dual black tailpipes ferrari 458
ipe dual titanium blue tailpipes ferrari 458

iPE Exhaust

IPE Exhaust for Ferrari 458 Italia

Linkpipe version:

Linkpipe version



Tailpipes version:

Tailpipes version

Sale price €8.825,00

IPE exhaust for Ferrari 458 Italia is the best and ultimate upgrade.

The Stainless steel IPE Exhaust for Ferrari 458 Italia doesn't only make the sound incredible, it also increases horsepower and torque. The choice of material, refined design, and dedication to detail all add up to the incomparable quality and racing sound of iPE.

This IPE exhaust system for the Ferrari 458 consists of a Valvetronic muffler with a dual or triple exit system. The catted or catless linkpipes and optionally you can select a set of headers. It produces a lower sound in the lower speed range, while it impresses with pure racing sound high pitch at high rpm.

The Stainless steel IPE Exhaust is compatible with the factory exhaust valve system. The IPE Cat Pipe or Catless Straight Pipe will only fit with the iPE catback system.

The system can be used with the OEM headers, or for the full experience you can combine it with the IPE headers. These headers are wrapped with heat blankets to significantly reduce engine bay heat.

This exhaust system will fit:

  • Ferrari 458 italia
  • Ferrari 458 spider.

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